The Computer


The computer is a K6-2 400mhz with 96 megs of ram. It runs almost everything perfectly, but I need to drop in another 32 to get the rest of the games to load. It was built mostly from spare parts on hand. I am using the ATI cards S-Video output through an RCA 25" TV.

Here are the current system specs:

Originally I had an old ATI All-In-Wonder but it had no 3D support, but after dropping in the Rage Fury I could run just about anything.

I tried a Voodoo3 3000 AGP, to see how well the TV out feature worked.  The results were not good.  As long as I didn't leave windows, the TV out worked fine, but as soon as I launched DOS mame I ran into trouble immediately.
1st, unless you explicitly specify a resolution it scrunches the screen much like the newer mame's do if you use 16bit color on an 8 bit game.
2nd, at all resolutions below 800x600 the tv out was black&white.

#1 you can work around, #2 renders it useless..

I emailed 3dfx support to see if they could help with the color problem & they wrote back saying to forget it. "TV out does not fully support Dos resolutions" & it "was not designed to function without a monitor". I personally suspected that it was a bios compatibility issue with my motherboard, but they had no interest in helping me. A quick search of related forums on the web found a lot of people with similar problems and no solutions. Also, if you look at the specs on the V4 & V5 cards coming next year, they have dropped TV out altogether. Apparently instead of fixing a broken arm they would rather cut off the limb.