Once again, New Pictures!  Thanks to Genom.

As you can see, the 25" TV is in place, along with a new Marquee and a monitor bezel. Now that the project is pretty much finished it's time for a full rewrite of this site, but I wanted to get these pictures up so everyone can see how well it all turned out.

What's New:

  • Fixed the dates on the what's new page.  I guess my brain wasn't Y2K compatible.
  • Revised the PDF Plans, adding most of the changes from Genom's cabinet.  get Rev. 7 on the downloads page.
  • Upgraded my cabinet to 128 megs, bye bye Neo-Geo lag.
  • Updated the control panel page with the LP24 matrix, button assignments, and my reasoning behind them.
  • Added a link on the monitors page to the first set of pictures of various games running on the TV.  They are hosted on a Xoom site for now, sorry. 
  • Added the what's new section =)

  • Added the Finishing section, includes details on the contact paper and the T molding.

  • Added a counter

  • Updated the control panel section and added my player controls templates to the downloads section.

  • Cleaned up some of the pictures