The Marquee

I originally planned to make a handpainted blacklight marquee for the cabinet, but as it turned out, the blacklight marquee looked awful.  Mostly due to my complete lack of skill in sign painting.  Also, if I decide to try it again later I'll be using 2 blacklights in there for more brightness.  One  just wasn't bright enough.  Instead I took the high res M.A.M.E. logo into Photopaint, cropped it and printed it across 3 sheets @ 720dpi.  Much better.

It's sandwiched between 2 sheets of  Plexiglas.  It's held in place by a Happ marquee retainer, and lit from behind with an 18" flourescent light fixture. The Plexi came with a protective white coating on both sides.  I left the coating on one side of the back plate to help diffuse the white fluorescent light.