This script will create AVISynth files for SS AVI formatted recordings. With this you can watch a whole recording as easily as if you had recorded it in SSF format. Requires AVISynth v0.3

This script can be used to save showshifted video in either an automated or on-demand mode. Normaly showshifted files are deleted by showshifter, sometimes you might want to keep them.

This script automates the process of appending ss avi files together in virtualdub.

This is a collection of scripts I wrote to implement a recompression server. They run outside of showshifter (on a network server in my case), and process recordings using VirtualDub and TmpgEnc. They are capable of producing (s)VCD and DVD ready mpeg files from SS AVI recordings. You'll need VirtualDub, TmpgEnc, and Vdubs' frameserver all working together just to get started with these.